Farm News Sept 2016

Ben and Sky

Ben has enjoyed a good summer with plenty of sheep dog training.

We are keeping more ewe lambs back for breeding next year, as Ben's aim is to increase the flock numbers one way or another!

He has aquired 4 YFC sheep this year which he hope will provide him with some lambs early in the new year ready for the Culm Valley YFC show and sale around Easter.

With enough silage already in the clamp,that wasn't used last year, we decided to make more hay this year .The weather hasn't  been  ideal for haymaking though. In the first really hot spell we were fortunate enough to make about half of our requiremnts.We had to wait until early August before we were brave enough to send the mowers in again. We made both crops without rain and the barns are full of sweet smelling meadow hay. Let's hope that it's a long time before we need to open a bale of that hay in the wet and wild winter!


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